Student Life at NDMU is student-led, and student-focused.

The skills and connections you develop at NDMU will have a lasting impact on who you are and what you hope to achieve—in your career, in your community, and in your life. When you get involved and take on leadership roles you are challenged to grow into a better version of yourself, but you won’t do it alone. Our professional team of mentors, champions, and advocates are here to encourage and support you every step of the way.

Student giving a presentation in front of screens with images of the United Nations
Leadership Opportunities

Our student leaders are key partners in creating an engaging student experience. Opportunities to lead include campus jobs, elected positions, and volunteer roles.

Students of all backgrounds crossing arms and holding hands
Diversity & Inclusion

NDMU strives to build an inclusive campus community where everyone feels safe, encouraged, and supported as they pursue an education.

Students running on the treadmill in the fitness center
Health & Wellness

Your health is important. With a new student health center and regular wellness programming, we provide resources to reduce stress and maintain healthy habits.

Two girls talking with students in the background
Your Experience

There are countless ways to get involved, explore new interests, and become an active member of the NDMU community.

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Your Support System

In order to be successful, you need to take care of yourself—mind, body, and spirit. Our offices are here to help.

Additional Resources

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