Katherine Beauchat

Associate Professor Gibbons Hall (GIB) 204 410-532-5463
headshot of Katherine

Ademar Bechtold

Professor Fourier Hall (FOU) 307 410-532-5102
Ademar Bechtold

Janel Anne Belarmino

Academic Fieldwork Coordinator/Assistant Professor Gibbons Hall (GIB) 116 410-532-5209

Pat Bell

Chemistry Lab Manager Knott Science Center (KNO) 207B 410-532-5737

Kari-Lei Berry

Athletics Admissions Coordinator/Head Lacrosse Coach Marion Burke Knott (MBK) 224 (410) 532-3587

Larry Beyer

Assistant Professor Fourier Hall (FOU) 308 410-532-5562
Larry Beyer

Shirley Bigley

Coordinator of the Renaissance Institute Fourier Hall (FOU) 111A (410) 532-3162

Jazmin Black

Assistant Professor of Clinical & Administrative Sciences Bunting 234 410-532-5063

Beraka Bland

Instruction & Support Services Technician Rice Hall (RIC) 101 410-532-5755

Kate Bossert

Associate Professor Gibbons Hall (GIB) 500B 410-532-5535
Kate Bossert


Communication Arts Department

Location: Gibbons Hall (GIB) 427 People: Faculty/Staff Listing Britt Christensen, Assistant Professor/Chair 410-532-5598

Commuter Life

Location: Marion Burk Knott (MBK) 218 410-532-5195

Computer Information Systems Department

Location: Knott Science Center (KNO) 125B People: Faculty/Staff Listing Alexandra Chaillou, Associate Professor/Chair 410-532-5103

Corporate, Foundation & Government Grants

Location: Notes House (NOY) 3rd Floor Carroll Galvin, Senior Director of Grants & Advancement Operations 410-532-5314

Counseling Center

Location: Theresa Hall (THE) 016 People: Faculty/Staff Listing Amy Provan, Psy.D., Director 410-532-5384

For emergencies, dial extension 6666 (on campus), 410-435-0100 (off campus) or 911.

Criminology/Sociology Department

Location: Knott Science Center (KNO) 227G People: Faculty/Staff Listing Maria Mouratidis, Psy.D., Professor/Chair 410-532-5708

Document Center

Location: Gibbons Hall (GIB) Lower Level Michael Golze, Special Events Manager 410-532-5732

Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday

English Department

Location: Gibbons Hall (GIB) 500I People: Faculty/Staff Listing William Davis, Professor/Chair 410-532-5510

English Language Institute (ELI)

Location: Feely International Center (FIC) 016 People: Faculty/Staff Listing 410-532-5566

Enrollment Management

Location: Gibbons Hall (GIB) 112 People: Faculty/Staff Listing Scott Briell, VP for Enrollment Management & Marketing 410-532-5358