Diane Aschenbrenner

Assistant Professor University Academic Building (UAB) 210 410-532-5274
Diane Aschenbrenner

Rashied Ashby-El

Public Safety Officer Gibbons Hall (GIB) 002 410-435-0100

Mary Ellen Ashton

Director of A Child's Place LeClerc Hall (LEC) Lower Level 410-532-5399
Mary Ellen Ashton

Shannon Austin

Administrative Assistant Noyes House (NOY) 225 410-532-3163
Shannon Austin

Nathaniel Ayres

Engineering Electrician Rice Hall (RIC) lower level

Jennifer Bailey

Department Chair & Associate Professor of Clinical & Administrative Sciences Bunting Hall (BUN) 131 410-532-5075
Jenn Bailey

Jane Balkam

Associate Professor University Academic Building (UAB) 226 410-532-5538
Jane Balkam

Madelyn Ball

Assistant Professor Theresa Hall (THE) 304D 410-532-5374
headshot of Madelyn

Kathleen Banerjee

Associate Faculty Feeley International Center (FIC) 025

Melodie Barton

Administrative Assistant Gibbons Hall (GIB) 102 410-532-5524


Art Therapy Department

Location: Gibbons Hall (GIB) 113 People: Faculty/Staff Listing Catherine Goucher, Associate Professor/Chair 410-532-5382

Athletics & Campus Recreation

Location: Marion Burk Knott (MBK) 222 People: Faculty/Staff Listing Renee Bostic, Director of Athletics & Campus Recreation 410-532-3586

Auxiliary & Conference Services

Location: LeClerc Hall (LEC) 307 People: Faculty/Staff Listing Jessica Wood, Director 410-532-5782

Biology Department

Location: Knott Science Center (KNO) 337 People: Faculty/Staff Listing Kenneth Sossa, Associate Professor/Chair 410-532-5719


Location: Gibbons Hall (GIB) Lower Level 410-532-5395

Business & Economics Department

Location: Fourier Hall (FOU) 306 People: Faculty/Staff Listing Leslie Korb, Associate Professor/Chair 410-532-5154

Business Office

Location: Theresa Hall (THE) 106 People: Faculty/Staff Listing 410-532-5440 410-532-5104

Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday

Campus Ministry & Service

Location: Theresa Hall (THE) 116 People: Faculty/Staff Listing 410-532-3172

Career Center

Location: Theresa Hall (THE) 122 People: Faculty/Staff Listing Alan Jones, Director 410-532-5387

Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday (Evening appointments upon request)

Chemistry Department

Location: Knott Science Center (KNO) 233 People: Faculty/Staff Listing Jocelyn McKeon, Associate Professor/Chair 410-532-5747