Goal Oriented

Tram Anh Bui

Alum, NDMU Class of 2019


NDMU has taught me to be goal oriented and to manage my current and future plans. For example, the Trailblazers Program provided me with many opportunities to advance my academic and professional career.

Lots of Professional Development Opportunities

Emily Przyborowski

Alum, NDMU Class of 2019

Political Science

The small community at Notre Dame has allowed me to take advantage of professional development opportunities including interning in DC, being a teaching assistant, studying abroad in the Middle East, taking off-campus Arabic classes, and visiting the United Nations. What's Next for Emily: Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies - Master of Arts in Middle Eastern Studies

Crucial Advice & Support

Alyssa Larison

Alum, NDMU Class of 2019

Political Science

My close relations with my professors were crucial for my grad school application process. My professors gave me academic advice, emotional support, and career guidance that was invaluable, and I am eternally grateful for them. What's Next for Alyssa: Europa Universität Flensburg (Flensburg, Germany) - Master of Arts in European Studies

Dedicated Clinical Instructors & Faculty

Lindsay Rehak

Alum, NDMU Class of 2019

Nursing (Entry-Level BSN)

I am extremely grateful for the welcoming and dedicated clinical instructors and faculty at NDMU that have prepared me to practice holistic nursing care. What's Next for Lindsay: Medical Surgical Nurse - MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center

Important Skills to Prepare for Med School

Peace Ani

Alum, NDMU Class of 2019

Liberal Arts

NDMU taught me self-discipline and time management, as well as the importance of mastering topics and not just memorization - something that will help me in med school. What's Next for Peace: Geisinger Comonwealth School of Medicine - Master's degree in Biomedical Sciences

Developing My Voice as a Journalist

Micah Castello

Alum, NDMU Class of 2018

English, Communication Arts

Notre Dame helped me discover my passion for storytelling through the writing courses I have taken…My experience at NDMU has not only helped me sharpen my writing and communication skills but it has given me the confidence boost I needed to believe in my ability to tell stories. I look forward to traveling to new places, meeting interesting people, feeling the adrenaline rush of a buzzing newsroom, and developing my voice as a journalist. What’s Next for Micah: Graduate Newspaper Fellow in the MA in Magazine, Newspaper, and Online Journalism at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School

Understanding Different Perspectives

Grace Park

Alum, NDMU Class of 2018


NDMU has opened my eyes to people's different experiences. A lot of my classes were discussion-based, so I learned how to listen and communicate well with others, especially those who have a different life experience than me… I am looking forward to student teaching. I’m excited to start applying everything I have learned at Notre Dame and I cannot wait to create relationships with students and start planning lessons in the classroom. What’s Next for Grace: Graduate student at Notre Dame

Confident & Effective Communication

Lindsey Webb

Alum, NDMU Class of 2018


Notre Dame taught me to communicate confidently and effectively. Beyond this, I learned practical skills…I am looking forward to challenging myself to be the best I can be in my career field. For the past four years, I have balanced many different courses. I am excited to focus on finance as my career and spend my time and energy improving myself in this area, which is my passion. What’s Next for Lindsey: Merrill Edge, Financial Solutions Advisor

Connecting Me to My First Research Job

Rebecca Rotthaas

Alum, NDMU Class of 2018

Biology, Chemistry

I got my first research experience at Notre Dame working in the biology department. I can credit the University with connecting me to the lab I’m going to be working in this year. I first started working in [the] lab through NDMU’s Sister Alma program…Now, I’m looking forward to completing some of the research projects I’ve been working on over the past year and hopefully getting my work published. What’s Next for Rebecca: Johns Hopkins University Department of Neuroscience, Research Assistant

Holistic Care

Karla Medrano

Alum, NDMU Class of 2018

Nursing (Entry-Level BSN)

Notre Dame introduced me to the theory that emphasizes caring behavior as the center of nurse practice. My professors encouraged me to take what I was learning in the classroom and bring it to the clinical setting. I can honestly say that I understand how to care for my future clients, in a much more holistic manner thanks to NDMU. What’s Next for Karla: Medstar Harbor Hospital, Obstetrics Nurse