headshot of molly

Video Killed the Radio Star (So We Brought It Back)

Molly Wolanski

Communication Arts
jean jun next to a mickey mouse

The Most Magical Place on Earth

Jean Jun

Communication Arts
headshot of micah

A Library for Change

Micah Castelo

English, Communication Arts, Women's Studies
headshot of Madalyn

Clinical Experience in Amazing Hospitals

Madalyn Dewling

Entry-Level Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
Kylie Eldridge

Career Fair Success

Kylie Eldridge

Political Science
Jenell Steele

Maryland Board of Nursing Appointee

Jenell Steele, BSN, RN

MSN - Leadership in Nursing Education
Headshot of emily Harman

An Internship that Turned into a Job

Emily Harman

Teaching (MAT in 10 Months)
headshot of Evenlyn Posey

Exactly What I Wanted

Evelyn Posey

Teaching (MAT in 10 Months)
Zakk Arciaga

Best Nurse in Baltimore

Zakk Arciaga

RN to BSN, MSN - Leadership in Nursing Administration
Michtta Andre

One of Nine Sr COSTEP Trainees

Michtta Andre

Doctor of Pharmacy