If you have more questions after viewing the material below, please connect with the Office of Alumnae and Alumni Relations at ndmalum@ndm.edu or call 410-532-5201.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we having a virtual Reunion?

The big question we wrestled with was: how would we be able to bring Reunion to life while maintaining the safety and well-being of our alumnae and alumni attendees while considering the risks involved with travel and gathering during COVID-19? Holding an in-person Reunion would mean maintaining six-foot radiuses around each other: no hugs, no handshakes, no dancing, no close conversations, etc. Out of an abundance of caution and care for all in our community, we have decided to have a virtual Reunion.

Why not just cancel Reunion?

Canceling Reunion was quickly not an option. It's important to get together now—even if it’s virtually.

Will Reunion be the same?

Of course some things will be different given the circumstances. However, the goals of the Reunion program remain the same: to create opportunities to connect with classmates, learn about happenings at Notre Dame, and enjoy each other’s company. You will still be able to do all of this!

Check out the Reunion Schedule 2020 to learn more about the specific plans for Virtual Reunion.

Is there a theme?

Yes! Whether we would have had Reunion in person or virtually, this year’s theme is Reinvention and Interaction.

Even if Reunion will be virtual, can I still come to campus?

As much as we would like to see you, please do not come to campus at this time. 

More updates about how NDMU is handling campus spaces related to COVID-19 may be found at ndm.edu/NDMUTogether

*Reunion Mass is taking place on Sunday, October 11 at 11:00 a.m. ET and will be available to all viewers with no registration needed and no charge associated with access. It will be available over live-stream. This is the only event that will be broadcast in a public way. 

When will registration open? What's the refund policy?

Registration is now open! It will close October 11. We are happy to accept electronic and mailed registration. Please do not visit Noyes House to drop off your registration as campus is currently closed to visitors.  Due to the virtual nature of the program, a flat fee of $35 per person will grant you an all-access pass to the celebratory events. There is not early-bird price this year.

Registering on or before Labor Day, Monday, September 7, 2020 guarantees you will receive a Reunion Care Package in advance of the event. We are happy to take your registration after Labor Day but cannot guarantee that a care package will arrive in time.

After registering, if you decide you do not want a care package, please write to ndmalum@ndm.edu. Regardless if you would or would not like a care package, there is no change in price as the $35 helps to offset the cost of the Zoom protection we have engaged for the celebrations. 

A few days after you register, you will see your name and class year appear on the Who's Coming list. If you do not wish for your name to be shown online, simply write to ndmalum@ndm.edu

Refunds will be processed until NOON EST, on Monday, September 7.

*Reunion Mass is taking place on Sunday, October 11 at 11:00 a.m. ET and will be available to all viewers with no registration needed and no charge associated with access. It will be available over live-stream. This is the only event that will be broadcast in a public way. 

If Reunion will be virtual, do I still need to register? YES! Here's why...

1. We password-protect our Zoom events and do not share links on our social media feeds to caution against Zoom-bombing. Links to the events will not be available on our website either. Instead, if you are registered for Reunion, ahead of the events in October you will receive an email with links to all of the events. 

2. We want to send you a Reunion Care Package to use during the virtual events and beyond. Registering by Labor Day, Monday, September 7, ensures that your package--if you want one--will arrive in your home before Virtual Reunion. We are happy to take your registration after the 7th but cannot guarantee that the package will arrive in your home in time for Virtual Reunion.

What’s the cost to attend? Why is there a cost when the event is virtual?

Let's say you were to sign up to attend all Reunion events in a ‘normal’ year. You would typically pay $100-$150 per person (not counting travel, hotel, and other food costs).

Due to the format of this year’s festivities, Reunion costs a flat fee of $35 per person to attend. That’s it! 

The $35 fee helps to offset the cost of the Reunion care packages and the tech support we have engaged to help protect our Zoom rooms.

What's in a Reunion Care Package?

If you register on or before Labor Day, Monday, September 7, 2020, you are guaranteed to receive a Reunion Care Package. Even if you do not want a care package—and that’s fine, just let us know this when you register—the $35 fee still applies as it helps offset the cost of Zoom protection.

What’s in the box?
Well, that's a surprise, but we can share that it will contain wearable and edible event-specific items! 

I'm new to Zoom. How do I use it?

All Virtual Reunion events will be held via the Zoom platform. To access Zoom, you will need to download the program onto your computer or smartphone and create an account. A camera (either an external camera attached to your computer via USB drive or a built-in) will allow you the optimal Virtual Reunion experience.

All are welcome to attend a low-risk Zoom practice session in advance of Virtual Reunion, hosted by the Office of Alumnae and Alumni Relations at these Eastern times: 

Thursday, August 27, 10:00 a.m. 
Thursday, September 3, 3:00 p.m. 
Thursday, September 24, 6:00 p.m.

Email ndmalum@ndm.edu for the login information.

Will any of the Virtual Reunion events be recorded for later viewing?

By and large, no. If we are asking you to register and pay a fee to attend, it would be unfair to show the recordings to anyone later who did not pay to participate.

That said, there may be screenshots taken of events for promotional purposes just as there would be a professional photographer on campus taking photos during a physical, on-campus Reunion. If screenshots will be taken during any Virtual Reunion event, notice of it will be posted in the Zoom chat box. Staff who are facilitating the event will let you know during the program when a screenshot will be taken so that for a moment, you may halt your video if you do not wish to appear. If you choose to halt your video, you will still be able to hear the audio.

Additionally, there may be an occasion for us to record a small portion of the Alumnae and Alumni Award Presentations for use by the honorees. Notice of this will be posted in the specific event's Zoom chat box. 

This does not apply to Reunion Mass, which has always been free and available to the public. This is the only event that will be broadcast in a public way; the link will be available on our website and social media sites, and the broadcast may be recorded for later viewing.

How will I select the right Class Night event to attend?

By October 1, on this FAQ page and on the schedule page, we will list the specific Class Night events available. Class Night Zoom events will be decided based on how many individuals in a class are registered for Reunion by September 30. This applies to any class, not only milestone years ending in 0 and 5.

If your class year is not listed, you are welcome to join any other Class Night event you would like. In early October, everyone registered for Virtual Reunion will receive links to all events.