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Notre Dame of Maryland University makes it easy to transfer credits and complete your degree on time. For a smooth transition and a respected degree, consider Notre Dame.

Transfer Policy

Students are eligible to transfer up to 68 credits from a community college and up to 90 credits from another four-year institution. Students must receive a grade of C or higher in their courses to receive credit at Notre Dame.

Transfer credits are evaluated using the University's transfer policy and all prospective students have the opportunity to have their credits evaluated prior to applying to Notre Dame. 

The enrollment managers in the College of Adult Undergraduate Studies can provide an evaluation and transfer overview during an initial, individualized visit to campus or during one of the many transfer fairs and programs in which Notre Dame participates.

Transfer Admissions Process

Applications to the College of Adult Undergraduate Studies are completed on a rolling basis year-round. However, we encourage all students to apply and be accepted at least a month before the start of each semester, especially if you are planning to use financial aid.

What We Look For

The following information is assessed during the application review process:

  • Quality and strength of each student’s curriculum 
  • Grades received in all college-level courses, especially those in the liberal arts, math and sciences 

Application Checklist

Transfer students applying to Notre Dame need to submit the following documents for consideration:

  • Completed application
  • Official high school transcript (not necessary for students with grades in at least 12 college level courses) 
  • Official college transcripts from all academic institutions previously attended

Financial Aid Assistance

Financial aid is available to all students. A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required for consideration of assistance from the federal/state government, external companies/agencies and Notre Dame institutional need-based grants. 

Financial Aid

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