Apply to the College of Adult Undergraduate Studies

The College of Adult Undergraduate Studies is designed primarily as a part-time program. Many of our students work full-time and complete their degree through evening, weekend, online and hybrid course offerings.


Admissions Office
Theresa Hall

Information You Need to Know

Enrollment Info

Financial Aid Deadlines


In order to maintain a matriculated status (officially accepted to a degree program), you must successfully complete at least one course per year.

Financial Aid

In order to receive financial aid benefits, you will need to take at least 6 credits each semester (Fall, Spring, Summer).


What We Look For

  • Completed Application
  • Official High School Transcript or GED *
  • Official College Transcripts (from all previous institutions)
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or Higher ✝

* Transcript required if applying with less than 15 transferable college credits. If applying with a GED, a score of 2500 or higher is needed (250 or higher for old GED test scoring parameters).

*Note: Students applying as freshmen (no college credit) may be required to take the College Board Accuplacer test for placement into the appropriate course sections. 

How to Apply

Online Application:

Online Application

Please note that when using online application methods, your transcripts and other supporting documents may need to be sent separately.

Transfer Students

Make an appointment with an enrollment manager to review your transcripts from previously attended institutions.

Supplemental Requirements by Major

Radiological Science

- Copy of Clinical Licensure 

RN to BSN Program

- Current RN License

Cohort Programs

- Satisfactory completion of English 101