Summer Learning at NDMU

Whether it's one class, professional development, or the start of a new degree, we offer options for both women and men to study this summer!


  • Summer Full Term: May 21 - August 18
  • Summer Term 1: May 21 - July 2
  • Summer Term 2: July 9 - August 18 

Summer Benefits

  • Access to fitness center and library
  • Close to area internships and employment
  • Opportunity to connect with international students on campus for the summer  

Financial Aid

A portion of your annual financial aid may be available for summer if you are enrolled at least half-time throughout the entire summer semester.

Contact a financial aid counselor at or 410-532-5369 for more information.

How to Enroll

Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment. Our enrollment managers can help you:

  • Apply
  • Register for summer classes
  • Review transfer credits
  • Discuss options for summer and fall study

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Available Courses

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Summer Full Term (Undergraduate)

IDS-361 Career Internship
IDS-461 Professional Internship

Summer Term 1 - 6 Weeks (Graduate)

BUS-521 Health Care Economics
BUS-551 Leadership's Dark Side
COM-515 Cross-Cultural Communication
EDGT-506 Theory & Development of Creativity
EDON-501 Infant & Child Mental Health
EDON-502 Early Childhood: Family-Centered Services
EDON-503 Early Childhood: Observation & Assessment
EDON-504 Early Childhood: Program Planning
EDON-505 Early Childhood: Typical & Atypical Development
EDON-511 Harassment, Bullying & Cyber-Intimidation
EDON-517 Advanced Classroom Management
EDON-525 Traumatized Child
EDON-530 An Introduction to Differentiated Instruction
EDON-531 Planning and Preparing a Differentiated Instruction Program
EDST-501 Exploration of Design, Technology & Engineering for K-8
EDU-509 Process & Acquisition of Reading
EDU-511 Assessment of Reading
EDU-519 Human Development & Learning
EDU-538 English Language Learners for the Classroom Teacher
EDU-542 Instruction in Reading
EDU-546 Methods & Materials for TESOL
EDU-551 Teaching Reading & Writing for the Content Areas Part II
EDU-552 Global Perspectives in Teaching
EDU-556 Technology for Instruction & Management
EDU-557 Leadership Seminar I
EDU-559 Leadership Seminar II
EDU-563 Curriculum Development
EDU-567 Learning Theory & Practice
EDU-569 Supervision: Empowering Teacher
EDU-575 Information Literacy Resources
EDU-580 Teaching Reading & Writing for the Content Areas Part I
EDU-584 Teaching Writing in the Elementary/Middle School
EDU-665 Digital Game-Based Learning & Design
EDU-703 Methods of Qualitative Research
EDU-760 Legislative/Legal Decisions for Changing School Populations
EDU-775 Democracy & Education: A Philosophical Perspective
EDU-800 Dissertation Continuation
ENG-508 Contemporary Literary Theory
ENG-511 Topics in Literature: Victorian Fallen Women
ENV-562 Exploration of Local Environments/Field Study
HOS-200 Topics in Hospitality & Events Management: Sustainable Eco Tourism in Baltimore
NPM-511 Topics in Nonprofit Management: Leadership's Darkside
NPM-520 Board Development & Human Resource Management in Nonprofits
NPM-531 Managing Financial Resources in Nonprofits
SPE-518 Behavior Is Language
SPE-526 Special Education Classroom Teacher
SPE-530 Attention Deficit Disorder
SPE-531 Autism & Asperger's Disorder
SPE-533 Understanding Aggression
SPE-570 Individualizing the Curriculum: Strategies for Holistic Intervention
SPE-571 Vocational Skills in Special Education Methods
SPE-576 Communication Skills for the School-Based Professional

Summer Term 1 - 6 Weeks (Undergraduate)

BIO-104 Chesapeake Bay
BIO-273 Introduction to Biological Research
BUS-411 Topics in Business: Leadership's Darkside
COM-106 Fundamentals of Oral Communication
COM-401 Writing for the Web
EDU-300 Technology for Instruction and Management
EDU-357 Process & Acquisition of Reading
EDU-402 American Education in Historical Perspective
EDU-460 Assessment of Reading
EDU-491 Topics in Education: Human Development & Learning
HIS-228 World History Since 1500
HIS-346 History of Middle Eastern Politics
IDS-310 Service Abroad: Women in Leadership & Service
IDS-361 Career Internship
IDS-461 Professional Internship
MAT-125 Elementary Math Models
RST-311 World Religions
SPE-337 Communication Skills for the Special Educator

Summer Term 2 - 6 Weeks (Graduate)

COM-610 Social Media for Professional
EDST-505 Prac: Teaching Stem Early Chlidhood Class Prac.
EDU-509 Process & Acquisition of Reading
EDU-510 Elementary Reading Materials
EDU-524 Topics in Education: Adolescent Literature
EDU-542 Instruction in Reading
EDU-556 Technology for Instruction & Management
EDU-557 Leadership Seminar I
EDU-560 Legal Issues for Teachers & Administrators
EDU-563 Curriculum Development
EDU-580 Teaching Reading & Writing in the Content Areas Part I
EDU-674 Global and International Perspectives in Education
ENG-519 Renaissance and Neoclassicism
ENV-561 Methods of Teaching Interdisciplinary Environmental Science
SPE-526 Special Education for the Classroom Teacher

Summer Term 2 - 6 Weeks (Undergraduate)

BIO-260 Genetics & Genomics for Clinical Practice
EDU-300 Technology for Instruction and Management
EDU-491 Topics in Education: Methods of Teaching Interdisciplinary Environmental Science
HIS-101 Dynamics of History
PHL-330 Ethics
RST-311 World Religions