Operation TEACH is an innovative two-year post-graduate service program that seeks to develop a corps of highly committed educators to meet the needs of children in Baltimore area Catholic elementary and secondary schools.

Operation TEACH staffs

Operation TEACH participants commit to the two-year service program while they are enrolled in a graduate program at Notre Dame of Maryland University and complete a Master of Arts in education.

Operation TEACH Pillars

Program participants are comprised of recent college graduates who live together in a community, share their experiences as new teachers and provide support and encouragement for one another. Through community living, Operation TEACH teachers help one another explore, strengthen, and share their spirituality. Operation TEACH participants represent a variety of undergraduate academic majors and come from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. Individuals with or without an education background or initial certification are welcome to apply.​

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Professional Life

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Community Life

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Spiritual Life

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Operation TEACH is part of the University Consortium for Catholic Education. The UCCE is a partnership of university programs joined by the common mission of recruiting and training faith-filled, energetic teachers to strengthen, sustain, and serve in Catholic schools. These programs, based in colleges and universities across the country, are unique in their details, but all share the same basic components of professional development, community and spirituality.