Thank you for your extraordinary contributions and sacrifices as a member of the armed services. We understand the challenges of transitioning from service member to student, and we are committed to ensuring you have a positive experience at NDMU.

Whether you are a traditional student studying full-time in the Women’s College or a working professional studying part-time in the College of Adult Undergraduate Studies, the University has a long history of providing quality educational programs that meet the needs of all students.

Enroll with VA Education Benefits

  1. Apply to the University.
  2. Once admitted, obtain an Application for Program of Education Form (VA form 22-1990) from the Department of Veterans Affairs or the VA representative in the Registrar's office.
  3. Submit a copy of the completed application to the Business office.
  4. You must be registered for classes before enrollment certification can be sent to the Buffalo Regional Processing Center.
  5. Additional payment and/or fees for the balance after VA education benefit disbursement are the student’s responsibility.     
    1. While waiting for VA education benefit disbursement students will not:
      1. Be assessed late fees
      2. Be prevented from enrolling
      3. Be required to secure alternative or additional funding
      4. Be denied access to any school resources

Financial Aid for Veterans and Dependents 

Students, Veterans, and Dependents are eligible for various grants, scholarships and tuition assistance. Refer to the Updated GI BIll

Additional Programs