Peter Pan Flies into NDMU’s Copeland Theatre

The magic of Peter Pan is being revealed this weekend at Notre Dame of Maryland University! Before we pack our suitcases full of pixie dust and head to Neverland, Director Kristina Szilagyi gives us a sneak peek of what to expect!
Peter Pan

Q: Why Peter Pan?

A: I find Wendy’s path through this story especially intriguing. She is in this really interesting moment between childhood and adulthood. This feels especially relevant for college students – there are a lot of ways in which we start to take on responsibilities and privileges of adulthood in college, but parents still figure very prominently in our lives.

Q: What are the differences between Disney’s Peter Pan and NDMU's version?

A: Where Disney trades in tropes and clichés, we have sought to tell the story in a way that is authentic to who we are, who our audience is, and when we are sharing this adventure.

Q: Will Peter Pan and his friends fly?

A: Yes – the best kind of flying, that includes a little theater magic and a lot of imagination! I think we as an audience have gotten used to technology doing the bulk of the work. Because imagination is at the heart of the play, I see no reason why we should deprive the audience of the opportunity to engage their imaginations, too!

Q: Will there be music and singing?

A: [This is] not the musical version, but there are opportunities for music in the script that we indulge in. After all, musicality/rhythm/sound is one of Aristotle’s elements of theater!

Q: Do you have a favorite scene?

A: It changes from day to day. Some days I’m Team Pirates, other days I’m Team Lost Boys, and sometimes, I just settle in to watch the dynamics between the Darling children play out.

Q: Any exciting challenges with directing/producing this drama?

A: Dr. Bossert (Drama Program Coordinator) is such an incredible advocate for the students. She has made the experience of directing at NDMU so pleasant and smooth. I get to just come in and make theater, and she has taken care of all the producorial details.

Q: What fun things will we expect?

A: Fabulous costumes, goofy antics, and hopefully a bit of heart.

Q: Finally, what about the NDMU students who star in the production?

A: Every day I am blown away by how intelligent, curious, and hard working the cast is.

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