NDMU’s WOW Festival Baltimore Cancelled: Coronavirus Concerns

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March 4, 2020

In response to the growing concerns and uncertainty regarding COVID-19, Coronavirus, Notre Dame of Maryland University has made the decision to cancel the WOW-Women of the World Festival Baltimore scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 7 at the Inner Harbor’s Columbus Center.

We believe, because of Baltimore’s positioning just north of Washington, D.C. and south of large cities such as New York and Philadelphia, it would be prudent to side with safety and mitigate the risk of potential for further spread among the more than 1000 expected students and attendees - with some traveling from across the nation.

We are aware that major conferences and conventions around the nation have been cancelled or postponed, even some as close as in D.C. and New York and as far as California and Colorado. This decision was made out of the University’s concern for those attending, which include a wide range of ages.

An event encompassing the breadth of topics and meaningful discussions and community participation, such as WOW Festival Baltimore, takes a group of dedicated and insightful organizers and leaders. We would like to thank the WOW advisory board, led by Dr. Linda Singh, our NDMU community members who were involved as volunteers or planners including WOW producer Maricka Oglesby, assistant producer Trevor Ebert and Maryland’s Commission for the Commemoration of the Passage of the 19th Amendment.

WOW Festival Baltimore will follow-up with more information concerning ticket refunds and we will have more news as we assess the next steps for the WOW Festival Baltimore 2020.

Notre Dame of Maryland University
WOW Women of the World Festival Baltimore 

For more information please contact Christian Kendzierski ckendzierski@ndm.edu or 410-532-5546

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