A Message on the Tragic Death of George Floyd from President Marylou Yam

This week, the nation and our global community witnessed the tragic and violent death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. As a community, Notre Dame of Maryland University prays for Mr. Floyd and his family.

We, as a higher education community and as a community that cares, must stand together peaceably against racism, oppression, and senseless brutality. Our mission statement at NDMU charges us to build inclusive communities. Please, look around and see individuals and communities who are suffering and reach out to them and show support. Educating ourselves is paramount. Together we must uphold justice, equality and equity. We all carry this responsibility. 

Our foundress, Blessed Mother Theresa Gerhardinger’s words, “All the works of God proceed slowly and in pain; but then, their roots are the sturdier…..” remind us that positive change is not often unchallenging. Join me in praying for and effecting sustainable societal change and justice. 

Marylou Yam, Ph.D.
Notre Dame of Maryland University 

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