The Work Study program is a federally funded employment program that offers the university and other local organizations (off-campus tutors and service initiatives) the opportunity to acquire free student services at little or no cost to the employer.

Employers assist students with building career skills and professionalism while gaining help in the office. We encourage any Notre Dame of Maryland University department or office to apply and participate throughout the fall and/or spring. 

For some students, Work Study employment is their first real job. Students can learn time management skills, build analytical and problem solving skills, and strengthen their communication. It is also a huge benefit to the student especially if he/she can work in the department for which she is majoring.

Employer Benefits

  • Free employees. Federal work study students are paid by federal funds. 
  • Providing valuable professional skills to the students.
  • Receive eager, motivated employees to support departmental staff.

How to Participate

  1. Submit a job description to the Federal Work Study Coordinator by August 15.
  2. Upload the 2017-18 Federal Work Study Manual for Supervisors (PDF) for future reference.
  3. Sign the Acknowledgment and Receipt Form, and return it to the Office of Financial Aid. 

General hiring guidelines include verifying Federal Work Study eligibility with the Federal Work Study coordinator, attending job fair to meet with and hire students. 

Please use the Pay Scale Guide (PDF) to help determine what your student workers should be paid.