Women's College: 

New Hires (new employees)

  • Who: Students from the Women's College who are starting their first year or are new to the Federal Work Study program
  • Requirements: Must be awarded Federal Work Study by the Office of Financial Aid
  • Process: Students will be invited to attend the Federal Work Study Job Fair at the start of the semester. Once a student is hired for a job, she will complete the Federal Work Study Hire Packet.

Rehires (returning employees)

  • Who: Previous Federal Work Study students that wish to return to the same department (must notify supervisor)
  • Requirements: Must be awarded Federal Work Study for the upcoming academic year
  • Process: The supervisor must indicate that they wish for the student to return to their department by notifying the Federal Work Study Coordinator. Once awarded, the student and supervisor must complete the Federal Work Study Hire Packet.

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CAUS/Part-Time Graduate Students/Pharmacy Students   

  1. The Office of Financial Aid will contact eligible students via email about available jobs.
  2. Students will contact supervisors if they are interested in working.
  3. Supervisors will contact the Federal Work Study Coordinator to see if the student is eligible for federal funding.
  4. If the student is eligible, the student will fill out the Federal Work Study Hire Packet and return the documents to the Office of Financial Aid.

GEI Students

  1. The GEI Coordinator will assist the Career Center in placing students in community service sites.
  2. Once a student is placed, he/she will complete the GEI Hire Packet.

Federal Work Study Wait-list

If a student has not been awarded Federal Work Study, but is interested in obtaining a federally funded job, he/she must send an email to Financial Aid to be placed on the Federal Work Study wait-list. Students on the wait-list will be contacted in mid-September about any remaining Federal Work Study jobs available.