Where can I learn more about Hattie Mae Strong?

More information about Hattie Mae Strong can be found at the Hattie M. Strong Foundation.

Where can I learn more about the Strong Foundation and its scholarships?

Additional information can be found at the Hattie M. Strong Foundation's Programs.

How often is the Strong scholarship offered at NDMU?

NDMU’s School of Education announces the application process twice each year, once in September to fall interns and once in January to spring interns.

How much is the scholarship amount?

$5000 is the one-time award.

How many individual scholarships are offered to students at NDMU?

In recent years, NDMU has been very fortunate to offer six (6) individual scholarships annually. 

Often, 3 recipients are identified in the fall and 3 more in the spring. However, this number can vary based upon the quality and quantity of the applications and financial needs; e.g., it could be 4 in the fall and 2 in the spring.

Are recipients of these scholarships also eligible for “Bobbie” grants of up to $500 to purchase classroom supplies?

Yes, it is true; however, this grant is managed separately from the Hattie scholarship.

“Strong Scholarship recipients are eligible for the Bobbie Fund for three of the first five years of their teaching career but initial funding must be requested within three years of certification. Funding is limited and applications will be approved on a first come, first served basis between September 1 and December 15th.

More Information & Application Forms

What is the decision-making process for determining award recipients?

A committee of School Education faculty and staff from the Office of Financial Assistance review all applications and award these scholarships based on the following criteria in descending order; however, financial need is a major factor:

  • Interns in their final year of study
  • Undergraduate interns who have exhibited outstanding success and enthusiasm in field experiences prior to the final year of the program or graduate interns whose life experiences prior to enrollment reveal the same traits
  • Interns with demonstrated financial need
  • Interns who have achieved a minimum 3.0 GPA in the two semesters prior to their final year (for undergraduates)
  • Interns who are demonstrating outstanding teaching ability in their internship experience
  • Interns who clearly understand the significant role they must play in promoting student achievement
If I am awarded this scholarship, how will I receive the funds?

The Strong Foundation will issue a check to NDMU’s Office of Financial Assistance. These funds will then be applied to pay down your loan(s).

What should I include in my resume?

Your one-page resume should include very basic information:

  • Your name, address, phone(s), email address(es)
  • Your Professional Goal or Objective
  • Your degrees earned (and/or degree working toward) and honors
  • Your previous professional employment/experiences focusing foremost on education-related experiences, then your other secondary experiences.  Note: try and identify tangible accomplishments; e.g., improved student pass rate on the Pacer Test from 35% to 80%; increased profit margin by 24%
  • Any honors, membership/role in professional and community organizations