Art Department

The art department cultivates skills and instincts to empower creative expression and produce meaningful, contemporary works of art.

Through artistic exploration, experimentation, and analysis of historic pieces, our department builds a foundation in aesthetics and concepts to help you find your voice in the lifelong process of personal, creative, and intellectual growth.

We provide a dynamic learning environment that serves as an integral part of the liberal arts tradition at Notre Dame of Maryland University.

Our Programs

  • Art Major - Includes concentrations in art history, pre-museum studies, photography, and studio.
  • Art Education - Offers dual certification to teach art in Maryland from nursery school through grade 12.
  • Pre-Art Therapy - Provides pre-professional coordinators to tailor your studies to prepare for graduate school.
Art Scholarship Competition

Win an Art Scholarship

We're giving away $100,000 in awards.

If you are a high school senior or transfer student applying to the Women's College, submit your portfolio for a chance to win an art scholarship. 

A $5,000 per year scholarship will be awarded in each of five categories.