NDMU payment plans makes it easy to plan, budget and pay tuition payments on time and interest-free.

Payment Methods

Payment dates are the 10th of each month. You may make payments on your payment plan in one of two ways:

  • Debit or Credit Card (VISA, Discover, MasterCard, American Express)
  • Electronic Check from a Bank Account (ACH)

Note: There is a fee of 2.5% for all credit card payments.

How to Sign Up

Payment plans are currently available for the Fall and Spring semesters. In Spring 2020, there is a $100 enrollment fee due at the time of sign up. Starting in Fall 2020, the enrollment fee will be based on the down payment put toward the balance (ranging from $100-250).

  1. Log into WebAdvisor > Click on the "Payment Plans" tab
  2. Click "Enroll Now"
  3. Select the Fall or Spring term > Review and select an available plan (each plan is 5 months)
  4. Click "Continue"
  5. Review the summary of charges and credits for the plan (full prior balance will be added)
  6. Click "Display Payment Schedule" to view payment amounts and due dates
  7. Click "Continue"
  8. Select the preferred payment method from the list (new electronic check, credit/debit card, or previously stored information)
  9. Read the Payment Plan Agreement > Click "I Agree"
  10. Click "Continue"
  11. Read the ACH Agreement > Click "I agree"
  12. Click "Continue"

Note: Any additional charges, adjustments, or payments that occur on the student account after enrollment in a payment plan may result in an adjustment to your plan. If this occurs, you will receive an email explaining the effect on your payment plan amounts.

Add an Authorized User

If you would like to provide access to a parent to view account activity, make payments, and set up payment plans, follow these steps: 

  1. Log into WebAdvisor > Click on Payment portal
  2. Click the Authorized Users link in the My Account menu
  3. Click "Add Authorized User" near the bottom of the window
  4. Enter the email address of your authorized user.

An automated email including a link, username and temporary password will be sent. Your authorized user will use this information to log in and set up his/her profile.

After set up, all authorized users making tuition payments on your behalf will access the system directly through the dedicated Authorized User access.

Note: Parents or authorized users will not have access to invoices or payment options until they are added to your account. Authorized users will not be able to view any other student information from this access.


What are the NDMU’s Payment Plan(s) offerings?

NDMU will; list available plans. Note that students may only enroll in a single plan per term

What are the enrollment dates for the payment plan offered by NDMU?

Spring of 2020 – Jan 2 to Feb 28 (only valid for this term)

Can I enroll in a plan before I have an account balance for the semester?

Yes but the monthly amount may change based on your Financial Aid

What payment methods can I use when enrolling in my NDMU’s payment plan?

You can sign up for a payment plan and pay via ACH (electronic check from your bank account – no charge), credit or debit card (these two will have a 2.5% fee added). You can make a one-time payment as well using the same payment methods.

What fees are charged for enrolling into a NDMU Payment Plan that I am eligible for?

Enrollment fee = $100 Spring 2020 due at the time of enrollment
Late fee = $25

Does NDMU charge a credit card service fee if I use my credit card to enroll in a payment plan?

Yes – 2.5%

Can I pay by cash if I signed up for a payment plan?

Yes - you may stop at the Business Office anytime to pay by cash. Payments through any method will reduce your plan amount automatically.

Can I still enroll in a plan if I have Financial Aid? How does that affect my plan?

At enrollment, the payment plan is calculated on the balance owed after all payments and/or estimated financial aid credits are deducted from the amount due. Students will need to review their account to ensure their aid is posted.

When will my payment post to my student account?

Your payments are posted immediately as soon as a payment is processed successfully.

Why do I see an amount due for an installment I already paid?

Installments reopen if their due dates have not passed and you have new charges on your student account.

The plan is set up to pay your charges for a number of items, such as tuition, fees, (and books, if you have financial aid). Any time you have new charges for those items, your plan installment amounts will increase. Any time you have payments or other new credits toward those items, your installment amounts will decrease.  Balances on NDMU’s account recalculate overnight. If you do not see changes right away, check your account again in 24 hours. Monthly installment amounts will not adjust 10 days prior to a payment due date for changes to your account.  Your new payment amount will take effect on the following month’s payment.

Please note that the NDMU plan prevents you from making another payment on the same day to prevent overpayment or double payment.

An email notification is sent following each recalculation reflecting the new payment amount.  You will also receive a reminder email that your monthly installment is due 3 days prior to the installment due date.

Can my family or other authorized users have access to my Student Account?

Students may setup authorized users to view their billing information and/or their student bill on his or her behalf. Please note that, in accordance with FERPA, this does not allow the authorized user to view the student’s academic records, course schedule, or other personal information. Authorized users may view student account activity, make payments, and set up payment plans. 

Students cannot make payments toward a plan set up by an authorized user. If your authorized user enrolled in the plan, you can see it, but the authorized user must make the payments.‚Äč

Can my parents both pay on one payment plan?

The student may sign up for the plan himself or herself and then give access to each parent as an authorized user. Each parent will pay his or her personally agreed upon portion of the plan each month.

What if I no longer want to attend classes after registration?

You have to withdraw formally from classes. Contact the Registrar and the Business Office to ensure that you are no longer enrolled and that you are removed from your payment plan. Please do not assume your registration and/or payment plan will be automatically dropped/cancelled for non-payment.

Whom do I call with NDMU payment plan questions?

You may call support at 410-532-5440, a dedicated Tuition Payment Plan support representative will be able to answer questions related to your account balance, plan details, installment payment status, and plan agreement. They can also change a payment plan amount (if the plan allows it), remove a user-scheduled payment and enroll a user in a plan.

Note: Tuition is due one month before the start date of the term. Late payments are subject to a $25 late payment fee and the possibility of being unenrolled from the plan, at which point the total balance is due. If you have an outstanding balance and are not enrolled in a payment plan, your balance is subject to a 1.5% financing fee per month.

Learn More

If you have any questions, about tuition payment plans, please contact support at 410-532-5440.