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Career and Personality Assessment

There are many assessments to frame self-knowledge. They can be a starting point to give you a vocabulary and a way to think about yourself. As our contemporary society increasingly values diversity, these instruments are becoming less popular. They are viewed as devoid of context. If this is an objection you hold, point granted, but sometimes one’s perspective can be shifted with a new understanding they provide.

Values (Desires): What factors do you desire in a workplace and overall lifestyle? What motivates you and why? Some people want variety, autonomy, and flexibility, while others need security and prestige. A values assessment gives you a report that sorts and ranks terms. Desires will be re-prioritized as you attain more work experience and as life stages change.
Values Assessment (Adobe Flash player required)

Interests: Job satisfaction and your definition of success is closely linked to how you are engaged in an activity. Interests are a tricky thing to capture. They are not reliably expressed by an individual as much as they are revealed in stories of your peak moments. That’s why these assessments are historically only 50% accurate in their reports. However, the framework is still full of insight.
O*NET Interest Profiler on My Next Move | CareerOneStop - Interests

Personality: Personality assessments offer an understanding into individual differences and what type of work environment you prefer. Caution! Be careful about making career choices from a personality type ascribed to you. The MBTI and Keirsey are very popular, and you can easily find suggested careers for each Type, but these assessments are not scientifically valid nor reliable. If you simply want to see how diversity plays out in a personality, these tools provide an interesting framework. More valid measures use the Big Five traits. You won’t get an easily digestible report using the Big Five, but they are an increasingly common method of evaluating job candidates. In a job interview that uses an AI-based video interview process, the employer is probably receiving a report using these traits.
16 Personalities MBTI Test | Keirsey Temperament | The Big Five

Skills: Review your accomplishments to uncover skills.
CareerOneStop - Skills Matcher

Emotional Intelligence: Emotional intelligence refers to an ability to recognize emotions in yourself and others; their meaning and significance in relationships; and to reason and problem-solve on the basis of them.

Regional Networks

Notre Dame is a member of the following consortia, which sponsor career-related events and publish resources for you to expand your professional network.

  • Maryland Career Consortium (MCC) - network of 14 regional private and public colleges and universities
  • Selective Liberal Arts Colleges (SLAC) - eight liberal arts institutions in Maryland and Virginia


LinkedIn is an excellent tool for job searching, networking, connecting with alumni, and building your brand online.

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