Jaclyn Tamburo

Provide me with Knowledge and Skills

Alum Leadership in Teaching: Mathematics Instructional Leader

The Mathematics Leadership Program has provided me with the knowledge and skills needed to become a math leader. By completing this program, I have been given opportunities to continue to build my leadership skills and offered several new and exciting roles and duties at my school. I am now currently receiving my Administration certificate.

Jaclyn Tamburo is now a 5th grade teacher of Baltimore County Public Schools.

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Denise Parker
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Become a Proven Leader

Alum Leadership in Teaching: Mathematics Instructional Leader
My participation in the Math Leadership Program has not only helped me to become a proven leader in my school community as a math mentor, but in the Archdiocesan community as well. This past fall I had the opportunity to facilitate a professional development session on problem solving at two of the Fall ADW Collaboration Day meetings, where I shared research, NCTM standards, and proven strategies learned in the Math Leadership Program.
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