Accessibility and Health Promotion

The office of Accessibility and Health Promotion delivers services designed to assist students in full participation in college life.

Our Mission

The office’s mission is consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.


After a student discloses the nature of her or his disability, the Director of Accessibility and Health Promotion works with her or him to arrange reasonable accommodations. All shared information is confidential and will not be released without a student’s written consent.

Disability Documentation

Services can be accessed when a student provides the Director of Accessibility and Health Promotion with documentation from a certified professional (e.g. director of special education, audiologist, psychologist, licensed counselor, physician) that describes the specific disability and the accommodations needed. 

This information must be sent directly to the Director of Accessibility and Health Promotion. Recent documentation is preferred whenever possible.

Documentation Guidelines

Services Offered

  • Designated parking areas equipped with curb cuts and ramps located close to classroom buildings and residence halls
  • Accessible housing
  • Alternative testing arrangements as needed (e.g. extended time, use of a computer, distraction-free environment, oral testing)
  • Advocacy
  • Counseling
  • Meal plan accommodations
  • Access to recorded books
  • Referral to appropriate services (on or off campus)
  • Taping of lectures

Accomodation Plan

After the submission of paperwork, the student will be contacted by the Director of Accessibility and Health Promotion for a one-on-one meeting. An appropriate accommodation plan will be developed to share with professors.

Faculty Notification

It is the student’s responsibility to share the accommodation plan with appropriate faculty members and to see that an accommodation plan is developed each semester by the second week of class.

Temporary Accommodations Policy

To receive accommodations and services, current medical documentation must be provided. This includes all testing done within the last three years, excluding IEP’s. If a student is in the process of updating documentation, service may be provided for one semester at the discretion of the director of disability support services. If current and appropriate medical documentation is not received prior to the beginning of the second semester, services will not be provided until the appropriate documentation is received.

An exception may be granted if the student can provide documentation stating that an appointment was made for testing within one week of receiving temporary accommodations. Furthermore, the student must attend the appointment for psycho-educational testing at the scheduled time. 


  1. Student comes to the office of Accessibility and Health Promotion and requests temporary accommodations.
  2. Temporary accommodations are granted with the understanding that an appointment for psycho-educational testing must be scheduled within one week.
  3. Upon scheduling an appointment for psycho-educational testing, student obtains written confirmation of scheduled appointment from the licensed practitioner/testing center.
  4. Student provides written documentation of scheduled appointment within one week. This must be on official letterhead of the testing center or licensed practitioner.
  5. In the event that a student is on a wait-list for testing, temporary accommodations may be extended one semester if the student follows the proper procedure, and also schedules an appointment with DSS requesting extended accommodations.
  6. If appointment for testing is not kept, Temporary Accommodations will not be renewed.

Complaint Procedures

Any complaint should first be addressed informally to the person providing the service or the professor of the class.

If an attempt to resolve the issue is not successful, the student may make a written complaint to the individual’s supervisor or the Director of Accessibility and Health Promotion. This must be done within five working days of the original decision from the service provider or teacher.

If the matter is not resolved with the supervisor or Director of Accessibility and Health Promotion, a written appeal should be sent within five working days to the vice president for student development.

Contact Us

For more information and accommodations, please contact:

Director of Accessibility & Health Promotion
Amy Morales

Appointments available upon request.