Verification of Enrollment

How It Works

Requests for enrollment verification will be fulfilled after the drop/add period concludes for the semester for which enrollment verification is requested. They are typically processed within 3-5 days of drop-off at no charge (excluding holidays and/or when major campuswide events are held, such as Commencement).

The letter will indicate the dates during which you are still able to withdraw from your courses.

You may receive verification of enrollment even if all financial obligations have not been fulfilled.

Releasing Verification

Enrollment verifications will be:

  • Mailed to the address listed on the request form;
  • Faxed to the number indicated on the request form; or
  • Made available for pickup in the registrar office from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm

Enrollment verification can only be picked-up by the student whose record is being released unless written permission is given by the student. Any individual picking-up verification of enrollment must show picture identification at time of pick-up.

Request Enrollment Verification

You can request an enrollment verification in the following ways:

  1. Fill out the Enrollment Verification Request on WebAdvisor through your personal student account.
  2. Send the verification form provided by a third party for completion to the registrar staff at
  3. Send an Enrollment Verification Form (PDF) indicating the information needed to the registrar staff at