Dreams of Becoming a Doctor

Erika Deppenschmidt

Alum, NDMU Class of 2017


Notre Dame has fostered my confidence and helped me develop tools and skills to excel in any circumstance. I am looking forward to success in graduate school and achieving my dreams of becoming a doctor. What's Next for Erika: Stony Brook University School of Medicine, Cellular & Molecular Pharmacology

Leadership & Teamwork

Cleaya Antes

Alum, NDMU Class of 2017

Nursing (Entry-Level BSN)

Notre Dame has given me numerous opportunities to practice my leadership and teamwork abilities. Nursing is a profession which requires both, as nurses are the ones that advocate for the patients and must work together in order to promote patient safety.

I Found My Calling

Kristin Kneller

Alum, NDMU Class of 2017


The professors gave me invaluable feedback on lessons, and my internship experience allowed me to practice my teaching skills in a real classroom setting. Notre Dame gave me the skills and opportunity to cultivate those skills in my four years here. I found my passion and my calling, now I'm off to pursue it. What's Next for Kristin: Elementary Education Teacher, Indian River School District in Sussex County DE

A Huge Advantage

Aylia Fatima

Alum, NDMU Class of 2017


My experience at NDMU has given me the confidence to step out in the real world and be able to express and exchange ideas effectively, all of which, I believe offer me a huge advantage. What's Next for Aylia: Audit Associate, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP

Critical Thinking for Any Situation

Allison Lotz

Alum, NDMU Class of 2017

Nursing (Entry-Level BSN)

NDMU has not only prepared me to meet the clinical expectations of my position, but also has provided me a quality education that allows me to critically think through any situation. The NDMU nursing program has a strong focus on teamwork and communication. These two qualities are essential in the critical care setting and I will use these skills to interact efficiently with my patients and coworkers. What's Next for Allison: University of Maryland Medical Center in the Cardiac Surgical Intensive Care Unit

Future Leader in Nursing

Alexandra Talbott

Alum, NDMU Class of 2017

Nursing (Entry-Level BSN)

I will use what I have learned at NDMU to help me be a leader in the nursing field. I will be able to become the confident and competent nurse, because of the opportunities and experiences NDMU has offered me. What's Next for Alexandra: Mercy Medical Center, Baltimore

Empowered to Make My Dreams Come True

Adam Diallo

Alum, NDMU Class of 2017


NDMU has taught me the value of a liberal arts education by empowering me, as a woman, with the tools necessary to make my dreams come true. What's Next for Adam: School of Pharmacy at NDMU

Opportunity for New Experiences

Jasmine Wise

Student, NDMU Class of 2017


I got a chance to meet new people; I ran into some hardships and successfully overcame them. Experiencing the first Notre Dame cross country team will forever stay with me.

One Team, One Family

Briana Johnson

Student, NDMU Class of 2017

By becoming a student-athlete at NDMU, I expanded my family; who are my teammates and coaches. For 3 months, we spend at least 12 hours a week with each other to play the one thing that we love: lacrosse. We bond and get to know each other during the season and create relationships that are unforgettable.

A Unique Privilege

William Davis


I believe it is a privilege to work with our young women and to see them grow into confident, accomplished pre-professionals—and to play even a small part in that growth.