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Art Therapy (MA)

Program Features

  • 64 credits (full- or part-time completion options)
  • Curriculum includes required clinical hours at off-site internships
  • Curriculum aligns with national educational and professional requirements for the field, as well as State of Maryland licensure requirements for art therapists 

Art Therapy (BA)

Features of the Art Therapy Program

  • Integration of Knowledge & Skills – essential courses in art and psychology paired with research opportunities prepare you for graduate school
  • Art Therapy Courses – directly introduce the theory and practice of art therapy
  • Partnerships for Experiential Learning – nonprofit and school partnerships provide practicum opportunities to practice pre-professional skills while also helping the community
  • Professional Development – exhibit your wor

Computer Science

The Computer Science minor can be paired with any major and is often taken in combination with a Mathematics, Engineering, or Physics major.

Required Courses

CST-171 Programming Concepts (3)
CST-261 Web Page Design (3)
CST-295 C++ Programming (3)
CST-321 Java Programming (3)
MAT-211 Calculus I (4)
MAT-212 Calculus II (4) or MAT-110 Discrete Mathematics (3) 


The History minor at NDMU offers flexibility to choose the courses that interest you and complement your studies in consultation with the department chair.


One of the following courses is required:

HIS-101 Dynamics of History
HIS-228 World History Since 1500
HIS-456 Junior/Senior Seminar in History

The rest of the courses needed to complete the 18-credit history minor are chosen with guidance from the department chair.

Modern Foreign Language

The Modern Foreign Language major is recommended for those who: 

  • have language proficiency in at least one language other than English;
  • wish to pursue a career abroad or in international relations; or
  • aim to teach in secondary schools.

How it Works

Choose French or Spanish as the main language. For the second language, choose either the remaining language (French or Spanish) or select a language offered through the Baltimore College Consortium.


Students accepted into the Dual-Degree Law Program complete 90 credits of the BA in three years at Notre Dame, and then enroll at University of Baltimore (UB) for three years of law school. The first 30 credit hours at UB also count as the final 30 credit hours of the BA.

Leadership in Teaching: Digital Leadership (Post-Baccalaureate Certificate)

Stackable Credentials

Credits earned in the post-baccalaureate certificate program can roll seamlessly into the MA in Leadership in Teaching: Digital Technology Leadership.

Program Format

Classes are held at times convenient for working adults and run for 8-weeks so that the entire certificate program can be completed in three semesters.

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