Jul 18

Making Space for What is Needed: Virtual Art Making

Saturday, July 18, 2020 - Saturday, July 18, 2020
NDMU students and alum are invited to co-create a virtual space for being, listening, and/or discussing while art making - making space for what is needed in this bewildering, painful time.

Although this event is sponsored by the Art Therapy program, it is NOT necessary to consider yourself an artist, or to have taken an art class, or to be an art therapy student. What IS necessary is to be someone who wants to creatively explore your own thoughts and feelings related to recent events while listening, learning, holding space and safety, and discussing actions that we must take to disrupt, dismantle, and re-imagine systems.

Please bring a journal, art materials, fiber-work, poetry, photographs or other tools you feel you will need to support your creative exploration during this event, your part of this shared work. The creative/art engagement will be self-directed. There will not be an expectation of a certain way of working or end product, but rather our thoughts and feelings, as referenced above, will guide each of us. It is hoped that participants will have something of their creative process or work to share in support of our discussion.

Catherine Goucher

Associate Professor/Program Director

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