STEM (Post-Master's Certification)


Recent statewide curricular initiatives have identified Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) as a priority content area for schools at every level in Maryland. The STEM certification program provides a concentration in STEM content and methodology for teachers of grades K-8.

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Program Locations

Student Outcomes

As a student in this program, you will be able to:

  1. Apply STEM pedagogical concepts in Design, Technology and Engineering Education in STEM focused curricular models.
  2. Design instructional environments that accommodate inquiry-based pedagogies, meet institutional goals of sustainability, are welcoming destinations, and support interdisciplinary collaborations.
  3. Develop scientific critical thinking skills through reading and analyzing environmental information in both mass media and research journal articles.
  4. Demonstrate a variety of skills necessary to conduct original research using sampling protocols and equipment, as well as the ability to apply mathematical or statistical approaches involved in data analysis and in interpreting various types of information.

Program Outcomes

At the completion of the program, you will be able to:

  1. Pass all national testing requirements, as applicable, achieving a 100% pass rate for NDMU.
  2. Enhance career and professional development opportunities for employment pathways in the profession, e.g., STEM teacher, STEM interdisciplinary facilitator, STEM curriculum specialist.
  3. Design and conduct research studies in their field of expertise and interest.
  4. Create transdisciplinary curricular to support student learning.



Required Courses

PHY 560 - Physics for Teachers K-8 (3)
CHM 560 - Chemistry for Teachers K-8 (3)
EDST 500 - Instruction to Design, Technology, and Engineering: Content and Instruction Strategies (3)
PHY 561 - Space and Earth Science for Teachers K-8 (3)
BIO 560 - Biology for Teachers K-8: The Cell, Inheritance and Evolution (3)
EDST 501 - Exploration in Design, Technology, and Engineering: Content and Instruction Strategies (3)
ENV 560 - Sustainability for Teachers K-8 (3)
EDST 502 - Application of Design, Technology, and Engineering: Content and Instruction Strategies (3)
EDST 503 - Practicum: STEM for Teachers K-8 (3)
EDST 504 - STEM Curriculum Development (3)

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