Leadership of Nonprofit Organizations (Post-Baccalaureate Certificate)


The Leadership of Nonprofit Organizations certificate program enables participants to develop the leadership skills necessary in today's nonprofit sector. It is designed to provide further qualifications for nonprofit professionals or a level of deeper understanding for committed nonprofit board members.

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Stackable Credentials

Credits earned in the nonprofit certificate program at NDMU can roll seamlessly into our MA in Nonprofit Management program.



Required Course

NPM 531 - Managing Financial Resources in Nonprofits (3)

Electives (Select Five)

NPM 502 - Introduction to Nonprofit Management (3)
NPM 510 - Management and Leadership in Nonprofits (3) or BUS558 Leadership and Leading
NPM 520 - Board Development and Human Resource Management in Nonprofits (3)
NPM 545 - Fundraising and Grant Writing (3)
NPM 551 - Government–Nonprofit Relationships (3)
NPM 560 - Ethical Issues in Nonprofit Management (3)
NPM 570 - Nonprofit Marketing (3) or BUS560 Marketing Management
NPM 580 - Program Evaluation and Research Methods (3)

Total Credits = 18

What to Expect Studying at Notre Dame of Maryland University

Small classes, lectures and seminars provide a climate for individualized learning while relevant course topics ensure classroom concepts are applicable to practical situations.

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