Our Master of Arts in Higher Education Leadership for Changing Populations program is designed as a pathway for two types of professionals: those already working in a university setting looking to advance to director-level positions; or those without higher ed experience looking to break into the field. Courses cover a wide range of topics and how they work in tandem including education policy, strategic planning, learning theory and more with optional concentrations in enrollment management or philanthropy. Build the broad knowledge base and expertise of best practices, processes, and regulations needed to be successful in a college or university setting.
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Program Location

Stackable Credentials

Credits earned in the following certificate programs at NDMU can roll seamlessly into our higher education master's degree:

Optional Concentrations

  • Enrollment Management
  • Philanthropy

Additional Study Options



Changing Populations Core Courses (9 Credits)

EDU 557 - Leadership (3)*
EDU 698 - Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Higher Education (3)
EDU 760 - Legislative and Legal Decisions Affecting Changing Populations (3)

Higher Education Core Courses (15 Credits)

EDU 722 - Education and Policy Analysis for Higher Education (3)
EDU 803 - Assessment, Accreditation and the Strategic Planning Process (3)
EDU 804 - Finance, Philanthropy, and Budgeting for Higher Education (3)
EDU XXX - Internship in Higher Education Leadership (3)**

Choose One

EDU XXX - Student Affairs (3)
EDU 563 - Curriculum Development (3)
BUS XXX - Principles of Philanthropic Development (3)*
EDU XXX - Principles of Enrollment Management and Retention (3)*

Research Core Courses (6 Credits)

EDU 543 - Reading, Analyzing and Interpreting Educational Research (3)
EDU 567 - Learning Theory and Practice (3)

Optional Concentration - Enrollment Management (12 Credits)

EDU XXX - Principals of Enrollment Management and Retention (3)
EDU XXX - Financial Aid and Data Analytics for Enrollment Planning (3)
EDU XXX - Enrollment Marketing and Communications (3)
EDU XXX - Leadership and Strategic Planning for Enrollment Management Professionals (3)

Optional Concentration - Philanthropy (12 Credits)

BUS XXX - Principles of Philanthropic Development (3)
BUS XXX - Cultivating Donor Relations (3)
BUS XXX - Communication and Branding (3)
NPM 545 - Fundraising and Grant Writing (3)

Total Credits = 30-36

*Stackable in Areas of Certification
**If student elects an optional Area of Concentration, EDU XXX Internship in Higher Education is not required.

What to Expect Studying at Notre Dame of Maryland University

Course topics are infused with current strategies, trends, and real-world examples so that classroom learning lends itself to challenges you can expect to encounter in your career.

Small class sizes create an opportunity to connect with professors and encourage more meaningful class discussions.

100% Online

In order to meet the needs of working students, all classes in the higher education master's degree are offered fully online.

Higher Education Careers

Graduates will be prepared for leadership roles within higher education:

  • Admissions Director
  • Development Director
  • Financial Aid Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Associate VP for Enrollment Management
  • Associate VP for Institutional Advancement