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As a new student at NDMU, we cannot wait to welcome you to campus this fall. Please complete this application to confirm that you want to live on campus.

Have you received your NDMU email address?
Do you need a Housing Accommodation beyond a single room?

If you have a current medical accommodation [or are seeking a medical accommodation] for housing, you must submit the Housing Accommodation Form with appropriate documentation from your doctor to accessibility@ndm.edu, addressed to the Director of the Office of Accessibility & Health Promotion, Arnelle Quashie. The Housing Accommodation Request Form is located on the NDMU website. 

Do you plan to live on campus for the Fall 2021–Spring 2022 academic year?

Please remember to complete your housing agreement.

What is a Living-Learning Community (LLC)?

A Living-Learning Community provides students with opportunity to connect and learn academically and socially in the residence halls alongside classmates, staff and faculty for a share holistic experience.  At NDMU we have 3 different LLC options for first-year students:

  • Elizabeth Morrissy Honors LLC
  • Nursing LLC
  • Emerging Leaders LLC
Are you interested in participating in a Living-Learning Community?

NDMU Living-Learning Communities:

  • Elizabeth Morrissy Honors LLC
    • Elizabeth Morrissy Honors Program LLC will bring together honors students to live in community. The students will be able to share space with students that all seek to be a community of scholars. The experience will include an orientation prior to the school year beginning. During the year, students will be encouraged to engage in various scholarly activities as well as service learning and social events. 
    • Students Eligible for the Morrissy LLC : 
      • First-Year Honors Students
      • Upper class Honors Students

Faculty Contact: Dr. Evelyn Spratt, Director of the Morrissy Honors Program

  • Nursing LLC
    • The Nursing Living Learning Community connects students interested in the nursing major. This LLC gives nursing students the opportunity to build strong relationships with their nursing peers in both their learning and living environments. It provides a space for students to live with and engage with other students in the nursing major and make deeper connections with nursing faculty and staff. Students in the LLC will be given the opportunity to be mentored by an upper-level nursing student, take classes with other students in the LLC and be a part of several SON events/activities that aim at building connections with each other, gain a deeper understanding of our SON’s philosophy and learn more about the nursing field. Being a part of the Nursing LLC gives first-year students the opportunity to connect with the SON community early on before the upper-level nursing courses begin in the junior year. 
    • Students Eligible for the Nursing LLC :
      •  First-Year Nursing Students

Faculty Contact:  Jenna Hoffman, Academic Success and Advising Coordinator

  • Emerging Leaders LLC
    • The Emerging Leaders Living-Learning Community (LLC) offers students a fun and engaging way to explore and enhance their leadership knowledge, skills, abilities (KSA) and identity. The community focuses on developing leaders of character dedicated to serving the greater good through an examination of self-leadership and the alignment of self with others and community. The Leadership LLC is open to 1st, 2nd and 3rd year resident students from all majors interested in teamwork and leadership. Emerging Leaders LLC members participate in monthly social and/or educational activities throughout the academic year. 1st year students examine leadership through teams and followership 
    • Students Eligible for Emerging Leaders LLC :
      •  First-Year Students from ALL Majors

Faculty/Staff Contact: Dr. Deborah Calhoun, Professor of Business
Dr. Courtney Allen, Director of Housing and Residence Life

Note: You still need to submit the first-year/transfer student housing application if you want to apply for the LLC. *

NDMU LLC Application 2021-2022 (this link will open a new tab)