Gormley Gallery provides visual arts programming at Notre Dame of Maryland University, exhibiting student and faculty art as well as work by community, regional and national artists.

Gormley Gallery is located on the second floor of Fourier Hall.

a Ribbon, a Pearl, a Sedimentary Rock flyer

Current Exhibitions

a Ribbon, a Pearl, a Sedimentary Rock

January 27, 2020–March 6, 2020 at Gormley Gallery

A Ribbon, a Pearl, a Sedimentary Rock gathers together a selection of artists who forage and borrow imagery––from the internet, from the natural world, from cultural content––to deconstruct the multiplicity of femininity and femme. Signifiers of the feminine––bows, pearls, ribbons––are reexamined as potent objects holding history, wrath, whispers, and power, and femme is reimagined as a process of collecting, constructing, borrowing, and building. Situated in the gallery of Notre Dame, a Ribbon, a Pearl, a Sedimentary Rock reflects on the founding and physical construction of the women’s college on an uncultivated 33-acre plot of flora and fauna at the end of the nineteenth century to reimagine a new thriving garden in its midst.

The exhibition is curated by Allie Linn and features the work of Kira Bell, Anna K. Crooks,Taina Cruz, Coco Klockner, Michelle Luong, Maya Martinez, and Pangelica.

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 1, 2020, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.