April 4, 2017

The Rover Races Into Notre Dame

Wild romances and heart-racing adventures are setting the stage in Notre Dame’s Copeland Theatre! The Rover, a restoration comedy by Aphra Behn wraps production on April 9. However, before the final curtain call, the cast and crew are giving us a sneak peek at what to expect!

Q: Why The Rover?

A: We have an incredibly talented ensemble of student actors who could tackle Aphra Behn’s language and comedy—and those swordfights!—with boundless energy and creativity. We knew, too, that our Women’s College students are uniquely attune to the complexities of Behn’s satire and her feminism, making it really appropriate to explore and stage this play at NDMU. - Dr. Kathleen Bossert, Assistant Professor of English, and Drama

Q: What do you think will surprise the audience most?

A: This play premiered in 1677, but the comedy still works! Yes, there are fans and court dances, but The Rover is anything but stuffy. In fact, it is broad and over-the-top silly, with bawdy jokes galore. - Ann Turiano, Director

Q: What was the hardest part of the acting process?

A: The language was by far the most difficult thing to accomplish. I was able to memorize the lines fairly easy, however the comprehension of the lines was very difficult. - Madeline Mask, Actor

Q: What is your favorite scene?

A: My favorite scene is the one between Willmore and Angelica in the second act. It's so fun and so seductive, and acting with Maddie was such a joy in that scene particularly. - Alexandra Mezza, Actor

Q: If you could only tell the audience one thing [about the show] before they entered the theater, what would you say?

A: Be ready for interaction! Back in the 1600s, the theatre-going experience was much more two-sided and we have worked hard to recreate that in the Copeland. In rehearsal, we liked to say that this play is in 4D: you can touch and talk to the actors, and you should probably watch out for swinging swords and angry courtesans! - Ann Turiano, Director