Exceptionalities (Certificate)


The Certificate in Exceptionalities offers advanced learning in the pedagogy and process of understanding exceptional learners, building and delivering curriculum, and supporting the success of these learners in their classroom and school.

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This 15-credit, 5-course certificate is to be completed over four terms (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer).

Required Courses

SPE 518 - Behavior as Language (3)
SPE 530 - Attention Deficit Disorder (3)
SPE 531 - Autism and Asperger's (3)
SPE 533 - Understanding Aggression (3)
SPE 631 - Autism Spectrum Disorders (3)

Total Credits: 15

Jemicy School Partnership

In partnership with Jemicy School, NDMU offers a 12-credit Dyslexia program to prepare teachers to take the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) certification exam for classroom educators. 

The coursework aligns with the Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading developed by the IDA and also touches on dysgraphia and dyscalculia.

Required Courses

SPE 590 - Foundations of Literacy I: A Structured Language Approach for Teaching Students with Dyslexia (3)
SPE 591 - Foundations of Math: Understanding Math as a Language (3)
SPE 592 - Foundations of Literacy II: Moving Beyond the Basics (3)
SPE 593 - Integration of Learning Strategies and Executive Function Skills (3)

Total Credits: 12

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