Cat's Meow

The Weekend College Chapter of the Alumnae and Alumni Association proudly sponsors the Cat's Meow fundraiser.

Each limited edition piece is a representation of the buildings on Notre Dame of Maryland University's campus. Once they are sold, we will not be replicating any of the buildings.

Reserve your piece today for $15 to carry on the memories of your years at Notre Dame of Maryland! Contact the office of alumnae and alumni relations at

Limited Edition Pieces

Fourier Hall - Second Edition 2005

Fourier Hall

Opened in 1941, Fourier Hall is a masterpiece of Art Deco design. Originally home to the College library, Fourier Hall is the center of Notre Dame's program for working adults as well as a delightful setting for the art department.

Dimensions 8"W x 3.25"H

Noyes Alumnae House - Third Edition 2006

Noyes Alumnae House

Built by Baltimore lawyer James Malcolm in the mid-1850s, Noyes Alumnae House is the oldest building on the campus of Notre Dame of Maryland. Originally named Montrose, the federal style building has served as a residence for SSND postulants, a home economics classroom, a student dormitory and a convent. In 1984, the building was dedicated as Noyes Alumnae House and became home to the Notre Dame's office of institutional advancement.

Dimensions 5.5"W x 4.5"H

Arch/Meletia Hall - Fourth Edition 2007


Erected in the late 1800s, the beautiful ironwork arch, anchored in two stone pillars, was an enduring symbol of Notre Dame. Mary Meletia Hall is the building first seen when one enters the campus. The building was named in honor of Sister Mary Meletia Foley, the first dean of the College. Her wisdom and initiative were largely responsible for making Notre Dame the first Catholic College in the United States to award the baccalaureate degree to women.

Dimensions 5"H x 4"W

College of Notre Dame Logo/Seal – Fifth Edition 2008

College of Notre Dame seal

The Notre Dame Seal, designed during the naming of College of Notre Dame of Maryland, refers to the Blessed Virgin Mary who is the patron of the College. The shield with the quartered cross alternates white and blue is based on the Maryland coat of arms. The conventional rose in the upper corner is the religious emblem of our Blessed Lady. The inscription on the seal reads, “Seal of the College of our Lady of Maryland.” Depicted next to the seal is the College motto, Veritatem prosequimur (We pursue truth).

Gazebo – Sixth Edition 2009


The Gazebo is located behind Gibbons Hall. Built as a late 19th century summer house, it became a popular gathering place for students of the College. Within the original structure was an enclosed elevator leading to a cellar where food was stored before the advent of refrigeration. The Gazebo was renovated in 1996.

Loyola/Notre Dame Library - Seventh Edition 2010


The Loyola-Notre Dame Library is located between the two neighboring campuses. The idea for a joint library was first introduced in 1964, and after both institutions agreed to merge their separate libraries into one, construction of the new building began. The library officially opened to students, faculty, staff and the public in 1973. In recent years, the building has undergone an extensive renovation to update and modernize its facilities, resulting in the addition of a modern, light-filled addition to the south face of the building.